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Short Project Description

Bricks' Bane is a brick breaker game developed with XNA, for Windows & XBox360.
Source code is meant to be educational, including a library of tools for game development.
It also includes a .NET level editor which can be used to submit new levels that can become part of the game.

Game Features

  • Classic brick breaking gameplay.
  • XBox360 support.
  • 4 ball types.
  • 4 paddle types.
  • 20 'bonus' types, including multiball, glue, extensions, net, ...
  • 4 game modes:
    • Campaign: play a series of levels with a limited number of lives.
    • Score attack: play a single level for maximum score.
    • Time attack: play a single level in a limited time.
    • Marathon: play all the levels in order, unlimited lives.
  • A standalone level editor.

Library Features

  • Game state management: screens, menus, transitions, ...
  • 2D rendering:
    • Static sprite class.
    • Particles, authored using XML.
    • 2D primitives (rectangles, lines, custom polygons).
    • Starfield.
  • 3D rendering:
    • 3D primitives (cubes, spheres, cylinders, teapots, torus, beziers).
    • Basic model class.
    • Basic 'camera-lite' class, for static screens.
  • Sound manager.
  • Vibration support.
  • Many helpers:
    • 2D/3D collision
    • Conversions
    • String operations without garbage
    • Random number generation, including Vector generation.
    • Extension methods to several XNA classes.
  • Custom containers, including lists and pools, working with foreach without garbage.
  • Basic Entity management.
  • Distributed online highscore component (XBox360 only).
  • Error catching and reporting component.
  • Safe frame and FPS counter components.

Game's Current State

  • Basic gameplay is done.
  • Flow/level chaining (campaign mode/marathon mode/single level) is done.
  • Single level modes always load first level (missing GUI).
  • Basic editor is done.
  • Content is severely lacking.
    • Rendering is done using primitives and other code drawn stuff (starfield,...).
    • Only some sample test levels.
  • Some sound effects and music.
  • Menus
    • Still have the sample background
    • Menus are done, except for level selection.
    • Pause menu is still from sample.
  • Everything runs fine on XBox360, no garbage generated (last check: 2010-03-29).


  • All kinds of GFX (UI, backgrounds, objects, special effects).
  • Level design (using provided tool).
  • Better sound design (must be royalty free / Creative Commons or such).

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