Building the project

  1. Download the full sources
  2. Download the music
  3. Open BricksBane.sln with Visual C#
  4. Build
  5. Deploy or Run

Downloading the sources

On the Source Code tab:
You can either:
  • Grab the last version using CodePlex (Latest Version => Download)
  • Setup the Mercurial repository on your machine (Source Control Setup => Mercurial)

Dowloading the music

I've included royalty free music in Bricks' Bane to be able to distribute it without issues. They come from Kevin MacLeod royalty free library (try the Bright feel).
You can either take the same files, or put whatever you want as 'Happy Alley.wav' and 'Enter the party.wav' into the BricksBane/Content/Sound/Source directory.

Open with Visual C#

The project is for XNA Game Studio 3.1 using Visual C# 2008 Express. You can grab those from the XNA Creators Club Online :
Once everything is setup, double clicking the BricksBane.sln file (found inside BricksBane\) should open the solution.
Else you can start Visual C# 2008 Express, then open it (for instance by dragging the file over).


This should be very straightforward: press F6 or go to menu Generate => Generate the solution.
There should be no errors/warnings there, except if cheat codes are enabled.
If you have followed the second step and put the big .wav files for the music in the content folder, the XACT converter might hang.
There is a known issue when using xWMA, workaround detailed here:

Deploy or Run

If you want to run on a Windows machine, you can just press F5 or Ctrl+F5 from Visual C#, see also menu Debug => Start debug.
Make sure that current target is x86 and that the Windows version of the project is the startup project: right-click on project in Solution Explorer => Startup Project.
If you want to run on an XBox360, you must have set it up properly to be running XNA Connector (see the XNA CCO for help setting up this). You can then right-click the XBox360 project and select 'Deploy'.
Same as for Windows version, make sure that target is XBox 360 if you want to Debug and not Deploy.

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